Nutrition and Hair Loss Treatments that Work

Nutrition and Hair Loss Treatments that Work

Nutrition and Hair Loss Treatments that Work

If we were getting everything from our food or if we are, we are not absorbing it, this is why many people are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning which is not recovering back to your normal hair type in your hair cycle.

I meet people all the time who have a good diet but still have hair growth problems. With the microscope we can establish that the hair has in some cases grown back but not to its original size for individual DNA type. In other cases we can see with the microscope that the hair cycle has been disturbed and the hair follicle is dormant, not dead, just needs to be awoken.

In the first 4 months of Hair Loss Treatments we need to use a ‘Supplementary Range’ (SR) of nutritional supplementation to raise the bodies levels of nutrients to where it is balanced for cellular health and hair growth. The ‘Recommended Daily Allowance’ (RDA) is not high enough for modern like and also to grow hair after cellular changes in the body. After the first 4 months, when your body levels have raised back to balance and you are seeing new heathy hair growth, we do recommend you try your best to convert the supplements for real nutritious food

How can you do this you ask? You need to find the right food types in a raw organic state and incorporate these into your daily life. This can be costly and time consuming at first, but with practice and knowledge it is definitely achievable!

Nutrition and Hair Loss Treatments that Work. Tips for converting from supplements to food for maintenance Hair Loss Treatments:

• Get good filtered water and salt balance with Himalayan Rock Salt or Organic match
• Understand where your Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins come from
• Grow your own herbs and vegetables where possible in organic soil free from chemicals
• Find a good organic food source such as who deliver to your door
• Understand the raw/cooked ratio and how much nutrition is destroyed when heated
• Plan meals ahead and have all your ingredients at hand
• Enjoy your food when you go out with friends and family and be the best you can be at home
• Create your own ‘Green Drink’ with all the power foods and incorporate into your daily regime
The journey to health and hair is a transition that takes time… once you start to make some simple changes the rest comes along easily. Just don’t start to make too many changes at once, gradual is the way to permanent change, and in the meanwhile you can use a base dose of nutritional supplements to support your health and hair once a day.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic can advise how to go through the transition to food or maintenance dose of nutritional supplements. Email Trichologist or call reception 07 3229 3242.

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