Natural Ways to Increase Zinc: 7 Super Foods and Helpful Tips

Natural Ways to Increase Zinc: 7 Super Foods and Helpful Tips

Zink is the micro element which participates actively in the process of protein formation. It is involved into the functioning of the immune system, as well as storing and releasing of insulin. If you learn about natural ways to increase zinc and stick to recommendations, you will be able to boost the growth and regeneration of tissues, as well as to improve the metabolic processes within your body, because zinc is a composite of the majority of enzymes.

Before you try natural ways to get zinc, it is better to consider whether this mineral is in deficiency in your body. Different amounts are advised for different age groups and genders. The National Institutes of Health recommends 11 mg of zinc to adult men and 8 mg to women. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are suggested to stick to slightly higher intake.

Zinc deficiency symptoms include frequent infections, hair loss, bad appetite, problems with seeing in the dark or tasting or smelling, long wound repair processes, impotence in men and delayed sexual development in teenagers.

The elderly people, people who take diuretics, children in developing countries, people with sepsis or burns, those with diabetes make the risk group.

Zinc is present in a variety of foods. It is rather easy to find the natural ways to consume zinc and ensure the adequate amounts are taken. Check if any of the listed below products are in your home menu to make sure you receive zinc daily.


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