Hair Regrowth Update & New Tips – My Journey to the Fountain of Youth

Hair Regrowth Update & New Tips – My Journey to the Fountain of Youth

Hair Regrowth Update & New Tips – My Journey to the Fountain of Youth

This video updates you on my hair growth. I was on the road for a few months and living in temporary housing for about a half a year as I moved from Maryland to California. This travel derailed my hair growth routine which included:

1) Aggressive scalp massage (detumescence therapy)
2) Derma rolling
3) Inversion Method
4) Healthy hair masks
5) Low heat, less shampooing, etc.

Now that I am settled in my new home I am back to my routine! I have also added another regiment which I am seeing more on the internet lately. This includes scalp exercises. I’l’ see how this helps in my routine.

If you have any other tips on how to grow your hair strong and full and naturally, please put them in the comment below.

Chris Gault “My Journey to the Fountain of Youth: A Journey Through the Internet to Look and Feel Years Younger” The videos here depict the author’s journey as he found the best intel that will help you look and feel your absolute best as you age in life. Topics include healthy eating, hydration, growing your hair back, reducing wrinkles, keeping fit and working out (exercise), healthy mind and spirit and other healthy tips found through the internet.

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