8 MONTH RESULTS from Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Hair Loss

8 MONTH RESULTS from Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Hair Loss


Feels weird to post a video on losing hair but I’ve seen many others doing it and have watched many hours worth of content… thought I’d throw my experience (so far) into the mix.

Santinique Scalp Tonic
Ethica Shampoo
Ethica Corrective Spray
Valhalla Beard Care Beard Oil

I use the scalp tonic every morning. At the beginning of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) I was told to leave the Ethica shampoo in for 4 minutes then wash out and use again and leave in for an additional 2 minutes every day for 10 days. As of day 11 just continue with 2 min a day for entire LLLT treatment. Ethica spray is sprayed in approximately 12 hours later because it has the same active ingredient as the shampoo so I figure spacing them out equally is most effective. I use the spray before bed and massage it in a little. The beard oil is just used randomly some days on my scalp because why not.

Massaging my scalp before bed for around 10 minutes to increase blood flow. Regularly consuming high-quality fish oils as I’ve done my whole life. Going to the gym to lift 3 days on 1 off continuously for most of my life… they say being active is important to help with hair regrowth.

I used to see my barber every 7 days but now I’m doing every 2 weeks so we can have some more length to look at for comparisons. All photos shown in this video are at 2 weeks of growth.

My free consultation I refer to was with whoever showed up at the top of a Google search for balding… now looking back I should have gone to a dermatologist instead but I honestly thought dermatologists were only for skin. I could have gotten on some meds right away… but who knows if I would have gone for meds at that time. Starting slowly with LLLT was a good way to dip my toes in the water and also set my expectations as far as how long treatments can take to work. I’ve also had lots of time to take in at least an hour of YouTube content a day on hair loss for months now… and I’ve convinced myself to try adding some other hair loss prevention methods to my list. I have a derma pen on the way from Hairliciously and can’t wait to try it.

As far as the LLLT treatment schedule I actually think it was 2x/week for 20 minutes each during the first phase and then 1x/week for either 20 or 30 minutes for phase 2… and I’m in the final phase 3 now where it’s just 30 minutes once every other week. The people at the clinic said some people see initial results begin as early 6 months but that’s very rare. Actual decent results can start to be seen at 12 months and full results at 2 years… according to the clinic. So the fact that I’m seeing ANYTHING between 8-9 months is nice. I think the 12 month mark will be worth waiting for so June 2020 is when that will be.

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